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Flex Eco Solar PV Maintenance 

Flex Eco 
Solar PV Maintenance Repairs and Servicing 
Free Standing Solar PV 
We are getting quite a few calls from people who have had solar PV systems fitted by inexperienced or ‘cowboy’ installers which are either not working correctly or simply not working at all. Most of these companies are now un-reachable because they are not trading any more, others are just unwilling to uphold their warranty responsibilities. 
In response, we are able to provide a repair or servicing facility for systems – including Inverter and panel repairs and replacement as well as system checks and overhauls. 
We are able to draw on our years of experience working within solar PV industry. We have flat charges, depending on the type of work you need carrying out and whereabouts you are located. As always, we will provide a professional and honest service. If you have been let down by your installer, or simply need a service visit, call us for a quote. 
Test and Maintenance 
Solar photovoltaic panels rarely need maintenance, but it is advised to have a certain amount of maintenance carried out to prevent any faults occurring. 
For optimum performance, the solar PV system should have its fixings, wiring, panels, inverter and generation meter inspected by an electrical engineer. We are registered as an Approved Contractor with the NICEIC and offer full electrical inspection and test services, as well as electrical repairs and services. 
Solar PV Repair 
Solar PV Panels Working Perfectly 
In the UK, solar PV panels are sometimes cleaned by rainfall, but debris is still likely to form on the panels, reducing the systems performance. 
In the unlikely event that your solar PV system needs repairing or you have had problems with an inverter and can’t get help from your installer, we can help. 
Roof Repair 
As the solar industry expanded the number of installers skyrocketed, some were genuine and some were pop up businesses and as such the quality of the work from installer to installer varied greatly. 
We offer our roof repair service to those of you who had solar panels installed which have had negative effects on your roofs. Some panels can become loose and some have even been seen to create leaks in the roof of your house. We can repair any of these problems or others if you have them leaving your roof leak free with solar panels fixed and nothing left to worry about. 
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