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Flex Eco EV Charging 

Flex Eco 
EV Charging 
If you are thinking about owning an electric car, or would like to future proof your renewable technology install, then we suggest installing an electric car charger at home. 
We have all the latest, non-biased information on electric car chargers. We are happy to help you find the right charging solution for you, and to arrange for it to be expertly installed. 
The chargepoint brochure is available for download below, and we suggest reading through that to look at the many chargepoint choices available. 
Charging your car from a standard household plug can take a very long time, and can cause some plugs to get quite hot. With a dedicated fast charger at home, you should be able to charge up to 3 times quicker than with a standard household plug. 
We are happy to help arrange the install any chargepoint you would like, however there are a few recommended options. 
We know how to best integrate electric car chargers, into your sustainable home. There are many options available, that may seem quite similar, however there are specialist products, that can meet your specific requirements. 
Our electric car chargepoints, brochure, shows our top options in home car chargers. For further information, please get in contact with us 
The majority of electric car charging happens at home. Whilst it is possible to keep your car charged up with a standard household plug, it is not quick, convenient, or in some cases not as safe. A dedicated electric car charge-point at your house will typically allow you to charge quicker, safer, and easier. Not only this, but the government offer a £350 grant towards the installation of some charge points 
A chargepoint is simply somewhere to charge your EV. All a chargepoint needs to do is take the 240V electricity supply from your house and make it accessible to you through an appropriate connection.  
Why do you need one? There are a few reasons to install a dedicated chargepoint, the key reasons are: 
To charge quicker 
To improve safety  
To reduce clutter and increase convenience “A fast charging set-up is the most suitable for the majority of electric car owners” 
Standard Charging - 3kW (16A) Ÿ Fast Charging - 7kW (32A) 
Super-Fast Charging - 22kW (32A three phase) Home Charge Point Options As a part of our service we will take care of the installation of your home charging point. We are happy to arrange the installation of any brand of charge point you specifically want to accompany your EV, however to make things easier for you we have selected what we consider the best charge points available for a variety of budgets and system needs.  
We have selected the listed charge points based on the following criteria: 
Quality and Reliability 
Value and Affordablity 
Simplicity of Use 
Advanced Charging Features and App controls There are now an incredible number of options available in the home chargepoint market. 
The choices below we recommend because they all come from very experienced and reputable manufacturers and they offer something different to the rest of the market. Value Rolec Wallpod Rolec EV make some of the most cost-effective home charge points available in the UK. They also offer customisable features that can make the Rolec chargers adaptable for your personal requirements. Rolec chargepoints come with the option of fitting a “Amp-Selector Rotary Switch.” This enables you to adjust the charging rate (6amp solar/13amp domestic/16amp or 32amp FastCharge.) 
This can be very useful when trying to make effective use of a solar PV array. Rolec also allow options such as lockable sockets, built in meters, and a clock/timer. The charger itself is a simple unit that can be ordered with either a Type 2 socket or an attached charging cable. 
Note: A Rolec 32A (7kW) charger is the same price as a 16A (3.3kW) charger so we would always recommend upgrading to the 32A charger even if you feel it is more 
Low cost fast charging than you require 
Solar charging suitable 
Multiple custom options 
OLEV grant approved 
The New Motion chargers can be ordered with a wide choice of charging outputs (Standard 3kW, Fast 7kW, and Superfast 22kW) and with either a Type 2 socket or attached cable for connection. 
New Motion is the market leader in the Netherlands and brings its years of experience over to the UK. With over 30,000 chargepoints installed in Europe, New Motion know what they're doing. This is not only a very sleek and attractive charger, it is also one of the more advanced home chargers in this category. 
The New Motion online user portal allows for full configuration, management, and insights of your charger. 
· Online portal with charging insights 
· Charge cost monitoring 
· 3.7kW - 22kW charge rates 
· OLEV grant approved 
· 3 year warranty 
Zappi works just like a regular EV charger. Where Zappi stands out is its ability to integrate with grid-tied microgeneration systems, such as wind or solar PV generation. 
Zappi comes with two special modes that allow charging to be automatically adjusted in response to on-site power generation and household consumption. 
In ECO mode, charging power is continuously adjusted in response to changes in solar/wind production and household consumption. Zappi will ensure that your electric car gets fully charged, drawing power from the grid if necessary. In ECO+ mode, charge power is adjusted continuously just like ECO mode. The difference with ECO+ is that Zappi will pause charging if too much power is being drawn from the grid. This ensures that charging is as cheap and green as possible, even if this extends charging time. 
When required Zappi can be used in Fast mode which allows Zappi to charge your EV as regular 7kW (32A) charger. The Zappi can be installed without the need for solar or wind. Zappi will work just like any other Fast charger but will allow you to seamlessly add solar in the future. We consider the Zappi a great choice for anyone that may consider more green technologies in the future. 
Ingtegrates with solar pv 
maximises use of green energy 
Auto adjustable charge rates 
Made in UK 
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